The FFM is designed to be implemented as a residential or community-based treatment program, and is ideal as a group-based intervention.  However, the FFM can also be delivered individually, in community-based treatment programs, in probation programs, and by individual therapists working with justice-involved youth in private practice.  

The Individual Treatment Delivery Guide provides specific details to assist you in delivering specific components of the FFM individually.


The Forward-focused model

Developmentally Informed Treatment

for Juvenile Justice-Involved Adolescents

​Provides a deep exploration of the 

research and theories upon which the

FFM is founded


Implementing the FFM Individually


The Forward-focused model

Facilitator's Manual

​Contains step-by-step instructions

and all treatment exercises to guide

implementation of the FFM

The Forward-focused model

Youth Workbook

​Contains specific stage-related exercises

for youth to complete